Insomnia? Try an About Face

Obstinate problems that resists solutions can be made worse by the very things you do to try and fix them. Insomnia is a good example of this.

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How to Control Your Thinking

Learn how to control your thinking. Here are some ideas to help you gain control over unwanted thoughts, over-analysis and rumination. How Can You Control Your Thinking? It ‘s simple, when you know how, but it is not easy, and it takes practice. There are…

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A Guiding Philosophy

I have occasionally been asked to describe the philosophy underpinning my work. This is essentially Solution Focused, and based on over 20 years of working with conflict, but it applies to pretty much everything I do. As ever, please feel free to comment. Anything as…

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Solution Focused Questions

The creative use of Solution Focused questions is the anchor-point of the SFBT session. Here are some examples of SFBT questions to get you started or act as prompts. These are not mine, if they ‘belong’ to anyone they belong to the SFBT community which freely shares such information.

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Client self-assessment

I developed this Solution Focused evaluation form for use with my clients. Though it looks simple I have found that it works as a useful way of encouraging reflection and consolidation. Clients like it and have been happy to complete the form, which I ask them to do at the end of a session.

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SFBT – key ideas

Becoming solution focused requires a shift in thinking; instead of thinking about problems we tend to enquire about solutions. This download conveniently lists the main assumptions that guide Solution Focused practice, and adds a handy list of prompts to help develop your SF thinking. Useful…

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