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Simple Mindfulness Exercise

first steps to mindfulness

This straightforward exercise will allow you to take your first steps to mindfulness meditation by focussing on your breathing.

Exercise – Celebrate Your Successes

celebrate your success

Learning to recognise and acknowledge your daily successes can counter this tendency to ‘write off’ compliments, boosting self-acknowledgement .and self-belief. Successful and resilient people know how to accept compliments. The best way to do this when somebody says something positive about you is to reply by saying “Thank you”. You don’t have to self-justify or write off the nice remark with something like “Yeah, I got it right, for once!”; “I don’t expect it’ll happen…

Seeds to Solutions – Introducing SFBT

SFBT Guide

Written as an introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), this guide shows how positive change can start right from the beginning of the first SFBT session, with a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a session.
Each step is explained in a no-nonsense way so that in a few minutes you’ll see why SFBT is growing in popularity among helping professionals. The guide is completed by a comprehensive reading list so you’ll know how to take your interest further.

Exercise – The Relaxation Response

guided relaxation audio

Use the relaxation response to train yourself to relax anywhere, anytime. It’s the natural antidote to stress and pressure. You may not be able to avoid the daily demands, but you can choose how you respond to them. The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes our physical and emotional responses to tension and stress. It is an antidote to the ‘fight or flight’ response, which is triggered when we feel…

Brief Manual – Solution Focused Brief Therapy

This brief, accessible and PRACTICAL manual on how to do Solution Focused Brief Therapy will take you through the key steps clearly and progressively, so that you can start integrating SFBT ideas into your working practice right away.
Written specifically for members of the helping professions, it is suitable for counsellors, doctors, hospital chaplains, mental health workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, social workers, support workers, teachers and anyone working in social health and welfare.

Two-Minute Relaxation Technique

two-minute relaxation

Use this focused, brief relaxation recording to learn to relax quickly, whenever you feel the need.
Two minutes is all it takes to learn to train yourself to enjoy inner calm and comfort, and to boost your energy. All you need to get started is your computer or ‘phone. Follow the instructions and you can quickly give yourself a feeling of peace and inner calm. Use it regularly, and see how it makes a difference to your energy, creativity and relaxation. ©Barry Winbolt 2016

Life Balance Guided Relaxation

This audio exercise guides you to inner calm and comfort. It is designed to help you practice relaxation, and all you need to get started is your computer or ‘phone. Follow the instructions and you can quickly give yourself a feeling of peace and inner calm. Use it regularly, and see how it makes a difference to your energy, creativity and relaxation. ©Barry Winbolt 2016

Exercise – How to Stop Self-Criticisim


Here’s an exercise to help you train yourself towards greater self-compassion. Research suggests that people who treat themselves with compassion are happier and healthier. If self-criticism holds you back, you can do something about it by learning to treat yourself with greater compassion and understanding. Use this exercise to help train yourself towards greater tolerance and self-compassion.
It will help you change the habit of unrealistic and harsh self-judgements.

9 Steps to Resilience – LifeHack

steps to resilience

Understand the steps to resilience and you can develop the ability to cope with problems and setbacks with less stress and more confidence. It may be in a particular situation where you’d like to respond differently, or that you’d like to cope better with more general stress and pressure. This LifeHack gives you the steps to resilience and shows how to adjust your habits and develop the skills of resilience. Would you like to be…

How to Practice Mindfulness – LifeHack

how to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is developed through daily living. Any practice which helps to calm the mind, silence intrusive thoughts, and focus on the present moment can be used to develop mindfulness. Here are some exercises to start.

Learning to be more mindful in day-to-day activities involves practicing some basic techniques so that they become habits. This guide will get you started, right away.

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