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Difficult behaviour  can arise in many different settings, and always in the context of a relationship. It saps confidence and can have you wondering if YOU are the problem.

This guide provides pointers and ideas to help you respond creatively and structure your thinking when you have to deal with difficult behaviour. It provides tips and hints to put you in control.

Difficult and challenging behaviour can be a trial.  It causes untold anguish, lost time, and stress.

This concise guide includes strategies and tactics for lessening the impact of difficult people. Whatever problems you may have had with their obstructive or time-wasting behaviour in the past, you can now be aware of the ways in which you can tackle them more constructively.

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You know those situations where somebody else always seems to get the upper hand? Perhaps they intimidate you or brush aside your well-prepared remarks. It may be they simply seem so superior and arrogant that you are sure they know much more than you, so you don’t speak up.

Or they are terribly nice and easy to get along with, so much so that you find it impossible to tell them the truth; for example, that their work is not up to scratch or that you really don’t want to spend your weekend with them.

What’s covered?

  • The Guiding Principles of handling difficult behaviour
  • Six key steps
  • How to listen effectively
  • The ASSUME technique
  • The SALVAGE strategy
  • Default patterns of human behaviour
  • Seven categories of difficult behaviour and how to approach them
  • Reading list.

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