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It is certain that during our lives we’ll have to tell others about events that might upset them. In the current business climate this will often be at work.

For just £0.97 this concise and practical guide will make it easier to talk about a topic you’d rather avoid.

Nobody welcomes bad news and no-one likes giving it.

That’s where this concise and practical guide comes in. It will show you how to prepare for the delicate task of giving unwelcome news, how to prepare yourself so that you convey the appropriate degree of confidence, how to be supportive without getting drawn into “why me?” conversations, and the risk factors you should avoid.

Bad News Cover png Delivering bad news is often the most unwelcome part of any manager’s job. It’s not because ‘telling it like it is’ is so difficult to do. On the contrary, most managers do that pretty well, and that can be part of the problem; the bald truth may be the simplest way to get the point across, but it can can do a lot more damage than it need if it is handed out carelessly.Finding the best way to soften the impact of news on topics like restructuring, changes in roles and responsibilities or redundancies, can trouble even the most seasoned managers. While it is tempting to play down the hard facts, this only makes matters worse in the long run.

This guide uses redundancy as a framework for giving bad news, but the ideas discussed here can be adapted to suit any situation where unwelcome news must be shared with employees. The content may change, but the principles are the same.

What you get

This eleven-page LifeHack Guide includes:

  • The best way to give bad news
  • A three point structure for giving bad news
  • The ‘bad news’ dos and don’ts
  • How to be clear without appearing cold or heartless
  • How prepare yourself for the unwanted task of giving bad news
  • How to approach news of redundancy
  • The coping stages following  the shock of bad news
  • The possible impact of bad news on staff, and how to respond
  • Ways to keep staff ‘on side’ in times of uncertainty.

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