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Listen well and you immediately have a greater sense of control in almost any conversation. Good listening is a dynamic and unfolding process that builds rapport and helps the speaker to clarify their thinking, while enabling mutual understanding.

It is an under rated skill and the foundation skill of an effective communicator. This guide will help you do it well.

The need for effective listening has never been greater. Pace of life, and obsession with outcomes, and genuine concern for our own interests and performance all conspire to degrade our ability to listen properly.

Perhaps you have to listen well as part of your job, or you want to give full attention to your children and loved ones, or maybe you simply want to do better in life. This guide will help you do all of these things and more.

Make your communications work better with the tips and exercises in this LifeHack.

When you listen well you encourage and support others towards positive change by establishing a safe and non-threatening platform from which to do it. Without the right starting point even the most well-intended conversation can sound threatening if it is delivered the wrong way. You’ll produce hostility and defensiveness when what is needed is equality of voice and receptiveness.

This guide will give you all you need to start enhancing your listening skills and improving not just your understanding, but your relationships too. Listen well and you immediately establish yourself as a more effective communicator with the ability to influence others in a respectful and persuasive way.

This six-page Listen Well LifeHack includes:

  • Listening attitude is the route to success
  • How to avoid the pitfalls that hinder many conversations
  • The ‘three big’ reasons that we find it difficult to listen attentively
  • A personal skills inventory for self-assessment
  • What makes a good listener
  • Seven point framework for effective listening
  • Reading list; titles to help you continue your study.

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