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How to Practice Optimism – LifeHack


There are compelling reasons to consider optimism as a key factor in wellbeing. Thousands of studies attest to the value of optimism at all stages of our lives. From childhood to old age an optimistic outlook confers all sorts of advantages.

Even if it doesn’t suit you to take a positive outlook, becoming more resilient should be of interest for its proven advantages when dealing with the unavoidable setback and adversity that life throws at us.

How to Listen Well – LifeHack

Listen well

Listening is an underrated skill. It is the most important aspect of effective communication and ‘First seek to understand’ is a sound guiding principle.

Good listening is a dynamic and unfolding process. It builds rapport which helps the speaker to clarify their thinking, as well as enabling the listener to understand.

6 Things to do in a Queue – LifeHack

waiting in line

Next time you are caught in a queue, resist the urge to whip out your smartphone or to grumble inwardly about the person in front of you, and take the opportunity instead to to a little personal development.

Think of unavoidable hold-ups as ‘punctuations’ in your day; a chance to pause, take stock and plan your next move, and rather than railing against it, relax and enjoy the wait.

Feedback vs Criticism – LifeHack

Giving someone feedback on the behaviour or performance is a skilled and delicate task. If it to be effective you must avoid sounding critical, but neither should you ‘sugar coat’ the message so it gets lost. It need not be a balancing act, this guide will help you get it right. Feedback vs Criticism – How to Coach not Crush, is an invaluable Quick Reference guide for managers, parents, or anyone who wants to use…

How to Give Bad News – LifeHack

Delivering bad news is often the most unwelcome part of any manager’s job. Though having to deal with the tough stuff goes with the role, it is also the part they feel least equipped to deal with.

The worry and anxiety of mishandling the situation, and knowing that doing so can make it harder for staff, with a knock-on effect on morale, productivity, and their relationships, is what makes some managers reticent about giving bad news.

Difficult People – LifeHack

Difficult behaviour can arise in many different settings, and always in the context of a relationship. This LifeHack Guide provides pointers and ideas to help you structure your thinking when you need to deal with someone else’s difficult behaviour.

Sensitive Conversations – LifeHack

It can be tricky if you have to approach someone about a sensitive topic. It may be work-related, like their performance, personal hygiene or some aspect of their behaviour. Or it may be personal… the range of topics is limitless.

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