Two-Minute Relaxation Technique

Use this recorded two-minute relaxation technique to train yourself to relax comfortably and quickly whenever you feel the need.

This two-minute relaxation technique is an audio exercise that will guide you to inner calm and comfort. Two minutes is all it takes to learn to train yourself to relax quickly, whenever you feel the need. All you need to get started is your computer or ‘phone. Follow the instructions and you can quickly give yourself a feeling of peace and inner calm. Use it regularly, and see how it makes a difference to your energy, creativity and relaxation.Relaxation technique

Why do it?

Focused relaxation puts back what the day takes out of you. Focused relaxation techniques is a good way to aid stress management. It decreases the effects of stress on your body and your mind. Making regular relaxation part of your day by taking short ‘thinking breaks’ and you’ll find that you can have more energy, think more clearly, and even boost your creativity.

Think of this pattern as the punctuation that helps you top-up your energy levels and to make sense of your day. One of the key aspects of this habit is that the busier you are, the more important these breaks become and the more they must be protected. Resist the temptation to think “I haven’t got the time”. Do the exercise regularly and you’ll find you make the time.

How often?

Practice daily, twice a day, for a week to start with. After that you can use this two-minute relaxation exercise to punctuate your day with several short breaks at a rhythm that suits you (e.g. 3 to 5 times a day).

As you make a habit of stopping whatever you are doing, breathing, and making a conscious effort to change your focus of attention for a few minutes, you’ll find mental and physical energy levels improve. Your sleep should improve quite quickly, and productivity and creativity will be enhanced as well.

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