How to Create Engagement

Fostering employee engagement is a challenge that most managers must face. Engaged staff are more productive, happier and easier to get along with. This WebTalk shows them how.

  •  Understand how motivation is created
  • Recognise the key aspects of motivation and engagement
  • Provide new insights into aligning personal and organisational objectives.

“Engaged staff are productive staff”. The statement seems like common sense, and now research is bearing it out. Employers want to know that their staff will go the extra mile, and staff need to feel interested, motivated and appreciated in their work. Just how to create this natural partnership eludes many managers.

There is a formula, and one that is becoming increasingly necessary against the backdrop of economic predictions where companies and their staff will need to be engaged as never before to remain competitive.

Employee engagement chimes with the mood of the times, going beyond motivation and job satisfaction; it involves collegial support, participation and innovative thinking which benefits staff and their employer, Improved morale, better retention of staff, commitment and engagement go beyond the contract of employment.

This WebTalk will briefly outline research on engagement, then explain how to create a truly fertile workplace culture through individual and group engagement. It concludes with specific offers guidelines for setting the scene and enhancing staff engagement, which goes to the core of effective management and sound leadership.


  • The cornerstones of engagement
  • The power of partnership
  • What makes for engagement
  • Valuing relationship AND performance
  • Overcoming cynicism and nay-saying
  • How to foster genuine involvement
  • Reciprocal feedback and sincerity
  • Boundaries and a healthy culture.

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