Difficult Employees

Cooperation is a key to productivity. When a single employee fails, or even refuses, to engage and work as requested the results can be far reaching and damaging to a whole team or department.

  • Develop more confidence when handling resistant or uncooperative behaviour
  • Learn strategies for responding to a range of ‘difficult’ responses
  • Feel more empowered when tackling persistent problems
  • Use a framework handling behaviour that challenges.

This informative and engaging WebTalk provides practical ideas to help you develop the skills you need to tackle the most obstructive behaviour with greater confidence.  It includes suggested exercises for skills development and handy strategies to building confidence.

The session provides attendees with new insights into what causes and motivates uncooperative behaviour at work. It will provide ideas, strategies and tactics to help take control when working with people who are difficult to manage. In short, it shows how to plan and what to do in response to workplace behaviour that is uncooperative or unproductive.


  • What constitutes ‘difficult’ at work
  • Possible causes, costs and consequences of difficult behaviour
  • How to be outcome oriented when handling poor performance
  • Why it is important to intervene early
  • How attitude and expectations shape outcome
  • Creating a productive working relationship
  • Fresh approaches when someone has ‘form’
  • Working round to unlimited excuses
  • Countering open challenges that undermine
  • The difference between discussion and obstruction
  • Creative responses to unwanted questions
  • How to prevent ‘communication breakdown’
  • When to engage formal procedures
  • How discussion prevents action.

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