Webcast – Personal Resilience

This one-hour WebTalk provides an overview of personal resourcefulness, introduces attendees to notions of resilience and suggests some practical steps towards developing greater personal psychological and emotional resilience.

  • Develop more bounce-backability
  • An understanding of the learnable aspects in personal resilience
  • Learn how to develop habits that foster resilience
  • Understand how to maintain morale in the face of adversity
  • Key steps for increasing personal resilience.

Resilience refers to the robustness in individuals, teams and organisations that enables them to perform consistently in times of unexpected or high demand. The ability to ‘bounce back’ ensures continuity and give a critical strategic advantage to the business, but also helps protect the people it employs.

Organisational resilience starts with and relies on the robustness of every member of staff. Resilient organisations demonstrate high employee morale, respect for the individual, and employee involvement at all levels. People feel more empowered and included, they are better at problem-solving, are more creative and they tolerate the uncertainty of change better.


  • Resilience is built on learnable skills
  • Three attitudes of personal resilience
  • The value of  social support and interaction
  • Beware the demons: five things to avoid at all costs
  • 10 factors that contribute to resilience
  • Life as a learning process
  • The five stage approach to enhance resilience
  • Understanding and using mindfulness
  • Using programmed reflection for improves practice
  • Developing a personal plan
  • Transforming demand into challenge
  • Celebrate successes and change your mindset
  • Develop goals and a sense of purpose.

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