Stress Awareness

Staff are increasingly expected to work under pressure. Changing roles, extra demands, job uncertainty and a variety of other factors mean that they must be supported if they are to remain effective in their work. This one-hour session can help head off confusion and hopelessness and deal with the stressors that can result in absenteeism and poor performance.

A must for organisations experiencing pressure or change of any kind.

  • Get a clear idea of what stress is and what to do about it
  • Understand the personal patterns that cause stress
  • Recognise the early warning signs in yourself and others
  • Know how to respond to reduce the negative impact of stress
  • Be more confident when discussing stress and workload.

A WebTalk that provides a sound framework for managers responsible for front line staff who are at risk from high levels of stress. This module has been specially designed to help them understand and recognise the early signs of stress in their staff and the steps to take to reduce the negative impact. It also covers the statutory obligations towards staff, how to protect them, avoid burn-out and stress management techniques for the managers themselves.


  • Definitions of stress
  • Understanding stress and personal performance
  • Factors that contribute to or protect
  • The stress/performance cycle
  • Develop your ‘stress barometer’
  • What you can do for yourself
  • Individual responses to stress
  • Hearing the ‘message’ in staff complaints
  • The HSE Management Standards
  • Three things that make events seem more stressful
  • Three levels of intervention by managers
  • Seven strategies for reducing stress among staff
  • Lifestyle habits and stress management
  • Stress ‘innoculation’ techniques.

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