Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing iat work is moving up the business agenda as more employers recognise the benefits of introducing workplace health and wellness policies. Find out how to make a positive contribution by creating the right environment.

  • Recognise the factors that contribute to wellbeing at work
  • Understand what threatens wellbeing
  • Find out how to improve personal wellbeing
  • Learn how to promote wellbeing in others
  • Consider a structured approach to improve wellbeing in a team or department.

This WebTalk offers a unique opportunity to focus on wellbeing at work, to understand its central role in performance and productivity, to reflect on organisational strategies that can enhance employee wellbeing, and to understand the steps to take when planning and implementing initiatives to enhance wellbeing.

In order to foster wellbeing at work employers can make a positive contribution by creating the right environment and by being proactive in promoting attitudes and practices that contribute to personal wellbeing. The reciprocal benefits to the employer are increased employee engagement and productivity, coupled with reduction in staff absence and turnover, studies show.

Employees are becoming more aware too. Perhaps in response to the current instability in the work arena, employment demands and the resulting pressure that many staff are experiencing, they are increasingly expecting that employers help them with the less tangible aspects of their working lives that contribute to wellbeing.

Organisations have long recognised their role, and the benefits, in keeping the workforce fit and healthy. These days we are seeing a shift from the old directive and paternalistic stance of employers to a more collaborative approach that involves employers and their staff.


  • Why wellbeing is a serious business
  • Workplace wellbeing – working definitions
  • What makes working life satisfactory?
  • The workplace threats to wellbeing
  • How social and personal factors contribute
  • How wellbeing, health and productivity are related
  • What does wellbeing involve?
  • How to promote wellbeing at work.
  • The five essential factors in wellbeing
  • A solution-focused approach to wellbeing
  • Threats to wellbeing at work
  • The five key factors provided by research
  • Using the wellbeing pyramid.

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