Work-Life Balance

This highly informative and practical WebTalk provides tips and strategies to help attendees identify and build balance in their lives at work and home. Closely linked to beliefs about time and performance, work-life balance underpins work satisfaction and quality of life.

  • Understand the habits that promote balance and wellbeing
  • Learn five essential work-life practices
  • Know how to act when things start to get out of kilter
  • Make the most of personal strengths and resources
  • Find out how small changes can produce big benefits.

Our lives at work and outside of work are closely linked and they can also become mismatched – with work intruding on on home life and vice versa. This can lead to feelings of pressure and the sense that there is never enough time to do things. Work demands begin to dominate and yet productivity falls. Many people start to feel dissatisfied with life at this point.

This 60 minute WebTalk explains the habits that help balance between what we can achieve at work with the demands and pleasures of our private lives. It provides ideas and strategies that can introduce better work-life habits into our lives.

You’ll learn practical exercises and tips to boost resilience, re-energise and keep a healthy perspective. All webinars are supported by course notes and other reading just like more conventional training.


  • What is work-life balance?
  • Five styles of responding
  • Myths of the work obsessed
  • The cost of poor working practices
  • The three keys to balance
  • Understanding our rest activity cycle
  • What helps work-life balance?
  • How to respond; first steps
  • The skills and habits of balance
  • Small change to start things off
  • Celebrate all your successes
  • Increase confidence and control
  • Focus on areas that are important to YOU.

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