Workplace Conflict

Managers often feel under-skilled when confronted with interpersonal conflict and disputes. The result is that disagreements may not be dealt with, can drag on longer than they need, and may even escalate to cause more serious problems.

  • Become more confident in dealing with disputes
  • Engage people in a structured and goal-oriented way
  • Understand the importance of informal dispute resolution
  • Reflect on and develop your conflict resolution skills
  • Put an end to the uncertainty and disruption of ‘grey’ conflict

This WebTalk provides a remedy by helping managers identify and  strengthen their conflict management abilities, so that they can intervene  sooner and more productively, before the dispute affects morale or performance.

Disagreement need not be destructive. The right guidance offered skilfully can help those in dispute maintain a viable working relationship, so they learn to settle disagreements without disruption.

A dispute handled skillfully is an opportunity for improved relations in the entire team. Most managers simply need to know how to go about it, this session gives them the tools to handle conflict with confidence.


  • What constitutes ‘conflict’ at work?
  • Routes to resolution; formal and informal
  • Relationship and resolution
  • Promoting harmony, a basis for understanding
  • Common responses; the avoidance cycle
  • Positions vs. interests, staying on track
  • The conflict triangle; where to intervene.
  • Typical scenarios, the Conflict Triangle
  • Knowing how, where and when to intervene
  • Setting up the meeting, getting buy-in
  • Creating dialogue and understanding
  • Goals and agreements
  • Follow through and monitoring.

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