We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors; this policy briefly sets out how we will treat your personal information.

We may collect and use certain types of personal data relating to your visits to our site, and any downloads or purchases you make. This is statistical information relating to visitor activity that any business would be expected to collect and analyse. We do not share this information with anyone else, business or otherwise.

We may e-mail you from time to time with information we think you would be interested in. Any such communication will contain an ‘unsubscribe’ link to allow you to opt out of future mailings.

The data we collect are collected anonymously to be used for marketing and optimisation purposes. All visitor information is saved using an anonymous user ID to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data remains strictly anonymous. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and are not aggregated with any personal data.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policies, or require assistance in opting out of our email lists, please contact us.

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