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Workplace Conflict

Workplace Conflict has serious knock-on effects that are often not taken into account when considering the cost of conflict. Barry Winbolt talks about the factors which employers and managers should consider when tackling disputes in the workplace.

A Customer Service Mindset

Employers need to train staff who are on the receiving end of demanding or aggressive behaviour as part of their job. The right training will help reception and front-line staff keep cool and give good service, whether face to face or on the phone.

How to Run a Meeting at Work

Meetings so often stumble along without achieving much. People attend, apparently participate, but then go away and do what they’ve always done.
Meetings often overrun, interrupt other work and even, simply waste time. How to change it? Here’s how.

The Effects of Problem Behaviour

Problem behaviour is a source of many difficulties in the workplace. The ripples it can cause often go undetected, for example, abenteeism and staff turnover can both be the result of the behaviour of a single ‘difficult person’.
The effects of problem behaviour

How to Avoid Workplace Conflict

Conflict at work is a regular feature of organisational life. A healthy working relationship is robust enough to manage the inevitable disagreements that arise without them spiralling into conflict. This video shows how to avoid creating conflict when agendas collide.

Avoiding workplace conflict

Alcohol in the Workplace

When an employee’s personal habits start to spill over into the workplace it can be difficult to know when and how to speak to them about it. In this video Barry Winbolt discusses regular ‘business meetings’ held in the pub with a reluctant sales manager.

Dealing with sensitive issues: alcohol in the workplace

Difficult Behaviour – The Steamroller

A Steamroller will flatten you if you give them the opportunity. They adopt a superior air and appear arrogant, demanding and impatient. They ask a lot of questions, like ‘What’s the matter with you?’,‘Don’t you ever listen to me?’and ‘Do I have to do everything around here?’

Problem behaviour in the workplace: how to deal with a steamroller

Problem 'People Issues'

Managers don’t like dealing with ‘people issues’. This means that the problem can become bigger. Some also worry about being accused of being ‘heavy handed’, or worse, bullying or harassment.

Difficult Behaviour – The 'Pleaser'

The willing and able sort of person often gets labelled as a ‘pleaser’. They mean well, but they over commit, and then under deliver. A coaching style of management can help the person develop to their full potential.

Workplace Behaviour

The impact and cost of difficult behaviour in organisations is the last, unmeasured factor in business. It hits the bottom line hard, so managers need to be equipped to deal with it. Correcting obstructive and challenging behaviour need not be difficult, but most managers won’t because they don’t know how.

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